Tea List


Typical Tea for 22 Players plus up to 2 Umpires and 2 Scorers


4 PINTS OF SEMI-SKIMMED MILK}  Please don’t forget these.


Sandwiches or Rolls

4 LOAVES OF BREAD OR 40 LARGE ROLLS (Not Burger Rolls they are dry) AND 1 FRENCH STICK or similar

Rolls go further, keep fresher and take less filling.

As a rule of thumb allow 2 rolls per person and use the French stick as extra which will get eaten


Fillings These are suggestions but certainly not exclusive

Egg                              8 Large Eggs

Quorn Meat                 1 Pack

Ham                             1lb or ½ Kilo thinly cut

Cheese                         1- 1½lb or 3/4 Kilo finely grated

Fish                              2 x 7oz tins Tuna or Salmon

Salad                         2 bowls (Can be put in rolls but makes them soggy). Melon slices are also very refreshing

Crisps                                   1 Extra large packet


Savouries                 Selection from  -24 Sausage rolls/small pork pies or 2 Quiche or 2 Pizzas

Cakes                                    2 small cakes or equivalent each

Can be Swiss roll/doughnuts/large cake sliced/jam tarts

Tea, sugar, coffee, cling film, tin foil should be at the club, but please CHECK the week before that there will be enough.

Tea Brewing

Large Teapot 16 Bags PLUS a couple more when topping the pot.

Small Teapot 6 Teabags

Please make sure when doing the teas there is enough food.

Please try and ensure there is something for vegetarians – the Captains may also know who amongst the team has any special dietary requirements.

Bear in mind that the total cash take at a home match is no more than £55 (for a CHL League match, although more for a friendly) and we would hope that teas can be provided within that budget.


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