Past photo early 1950s

Team photo at Stoneleigh in early 1950s

Back Row: Unknown, Norman Morris, Mervyn Edmonds, John Bennett, Unknown, Sid Rench (Umpire), Cyril Hancox
Front Row: Horace Taylor, Vic Thorley, Bert Lovell, Bill Seaton, Joe Seaton

Match date & details not known but the photo was taken at the ground at Hall’s Field in Stoneleigh Village before the move back to the Abbey a few years later. Val Farmer was a young scorer in those days and remembers her mother bringing food for tea down to a barn on the ground in an old pram. The square was fenced off but the outfield was grazing land and usually well covered in cow-pats.
Many thanks to Val for her memories and for identifying most of the players. If anyone can help to fill in the missing details or has any more reminiscences from those days we’d love to hear from you.

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