Six hitting

After Sunday’s epic encounter against Heckley which we won by 4 runs with significant  contributions by just about everybody, the question was raised as to who had hit the most sixes in a season.

The answer is Mark Connor who bashed 43 sixes in just 16 innings in 2002.

In total, Mark hit 185 sixes in 9 seasons 1996-2004.

Paul Price managed 38 off 22 innings in 1995 while Chappers J  hit 30 in 18 innnings in 2009.

Andy Edg is coming up on the rails with 26 so far this season.

More details with the end of season stats.  Don’t forget you can get the full stats for our league matches on the Play-Cricket pages – see the link on the right.  You’ll need to restrict matches to season 20011 and league only.

Info supplied by ‘The Goose’  (best six hitting 3 off 26 innings in 1987).


6 responses to “Six hitting

  1. Let’s see how many 6 s are hit by Hampton ramblers on Saturday! Compared with stoneleigh shall we?

  2. 1987 was a very good year all round then Goose

  3. I’m happy to get a mention as one of the big hitters of SCC! Good research Goose!

    For next season I think we should ask/volunteer people to get some match reports up on the blog. we can’t expect DaveWG to write Sat and Sun reports every week. These epic encounters should get a mention for everyone (especially when we win them!)

  4. Forgot to mention that Hal Sutcliffe is another contender for big sixes – he now has 22 from just 10 innings.

  5. 1987 was indeed a good year. I realise this is hard to believe but I actually topped the batting averages with 554 runs at 25.1 HS 66.
    It took real skill to score runs on the pitches we had in those days before Joe got to work on them!

  6. Goose-you would have got a lot more 6’s if you’d had the chance to face Mr Lazenby:) Seriously just a big thanks to everyone for such an enjoyable day on Sunday. I hope you have had a chance to see the photos I took–I was quite pleased with a few of them. Rob

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