Crisis point


It would seem that, just for a change, the country is in crisis. Violence has enveloped our streets as mobs of morons seem intent on distracting themselves and their own pathetic lives by ruining the lives and livelihoods of others.

Shops looted, destroyed then burnt. Cars smashed, overturned then burnt. How does one carry on, or indeed why? How can you predict when this breed of selfish, wanton destruction will raise its ugly head and infect our lives with its cancer?

England’s cricket team, ahead of their 3rd test against India, when they should have been preparing on the crest of a wave after emphatic previous victories earlier in the series, have been locked away in their Birmingham hotel. The violence on the streets around them has caused them such concern that they have been unable, until yesterday, to have a full nets session.

Although this behaviour seems, for the moment to have abated, or at least diminished, the risk of flare-ups must remain a constant threat. To this end, we must ask ourselves this crucial question:

Could this kind of thing happen at Stoneleigh?

The answer, due to the lack of mobile phone shops in the village, and youths, is no.


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